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    M: Art Clay Silver Overlay Paste - 15 Grams

    Florentero Symbiotic Paste (15 ml) - EntirelyPets

    No Clean Lead Free Low Temperature Solder Paste 15 Grams

    Home Food Supplements Probiotics Digestion Supplements Florentero Probiotics The combined action of prebiotics (Fructooligosaccharides and Mannaoligosaccharides) together with titrated and gastro-protected probiotics (belonging to four different families) makes Florentero a dietetic product suited for the reconstruction of regular and efficient intestinal bacterial flora in dogs and cats. Prebiotics feed saprophytes only, and carry an acidifying action that allows the reproduction of probiotics even in an altered environment. The mechanism of interference against pathogens, that develops during the reproduction, accelarates considerably the resolution of dismicrobism. Florentero is indicated in every dismicrobism.

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